Search Process

The search process is composed of strategic and tactical elements which come together to provide candidates who are the best match for the organization.

Through years of identifying, communicating with, interviewing and putting together slates of candidates, we have fine tuned our process which is customized for each search. We offer both the scientific and technical know how complemented by creative, strategic thinking.

We strive to identify hard to find individuals so we invest in professional and proficient researchers who are part of our team. Our phone calls, emails and face to face meetings are also supported by an extensive database system. Our research strategy primarily includes a thorough search of gainfully employed candidates, but also includes our database of thousands of professionals, internal candidates, contacts and referrals. This process has become our foundation, allowing us to customize and adapt to your exact needs.

The following are the elements of our search process.

Search Stages

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, expectations and goals
  • Listen
  • Ask questions
  • Conduct our BH&A ‘culture match’©
  • Prepare a detailed, written specification of the position
  • Work with client in developing “roadmap” with milestones
  • Identify potential target candidates through selected competitive companies
  • Involve and train an experienced research team trained to handle senior searches
  • Communicate with far-reaching network of contacts and organizations
  • Educate all researchers regarding the position requirements and company information
  • Provide frequent, regular feedback on the search
  • Communicate with client regarding frequently asked questions by potential candidates
  • Prepare background profiles
  • Personally interview key prospects and assess suitability
  • Conduct our BH&A ‘culture match’©
  • Present a qualified candidate immediately
  • Prepare reports highlighting the skills, experience, strengths and weaknesses of candidates
  • Facilitate client interviews with candidate and actively participate
  • Conduct thorough reference checks and degree verification
  • Guarantee search results for one year
  • Maintain contact with selected candidate/new hire and hiring manager(s)
  • Ensure communication with company and proactively address potential challenges
  • Communicate professional and personally with each candidate involved in the search process
  • Provide valuable information to client from candidate’s perspective and marketplace perception of the company

Look for tenacity in a search partner. Ask your search partner for a detailed search strategy.